Jacket Information

  • 24 oz. Wool material

  • Full-snap front, easy-entry front pockets

  • High-quality, 1×1 rib-trim cuffs and bottom band

  • Men’s jackets feature leather sleeves¬†

  • Women’s jackets feature wool sleeves and a hood

  • Men’s jackets are available in size Small – 6XL, with upcharges applying for sizes 2XL-6XL

  • Women’s jackets are available in size XS-5XL, with upcharges applying for sizes 2XL-5XL

  • Tall Sizes, Custom Lengths (extended and shortened) and Large Sizes are available for additional fees

Jacket Information

  • The total turnaround time for a letter jacket order is typically 6-8 weeks, and can vary depending on the season
  • It is highly recommended that you size your letter jacket prior to ordering it, as we are unable to take returns or make exchanges on custom-made products
  • Once you have sized your jacket and paid your $100 deposit, we order the jacket and it will arrive to our store in about 4-6 weeks
  • As soon as the jacket arrives to our store, we will contact you to come by to finalize your embroidery information and drop off your letter, plus any patches or add-ons you have
  • We take 1-2 weeks to finish the embroidery on your jacket, and the balance owed is due upon completion of the jacket

Jacket Information

  • Men’s jackets start at $239.00

  • Women’s jackets start at $219.00

  • Large Sizes: 2XL (add 15%), 3XL (add 20%), 4XL (add 25%), 5XL (add 35%), 6XL (add 50%)

  • Tall Sizes: XS-XL (add 10%), 2XL (add 20%), 3XL (add 25%), 4XL (add 30%), 5XL (add 40%), 6XL (add 55%)

  • Custom Lengths: Plus or Minus 2″ (add 10%), Plus or Minus 3″ (add 15%), Plus or Minus 4″ (add 20%), Plus or Minus 5″ (add 25%)

  • $100.00 deposit is due when order is placed

  • The balance is due when jacket is finished being embroidered and is ready for pickup

  • We are unable to take letter jacket orders over the phone, as a signature is required to initiate the order.

  • We are able to add to patches and other sew-on items to your jacket at additional fees. For example, adding a Conference or Regional patch to the sleeve of a jacket is a $15 fee.

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